About Us

Shelter Reviews upgrades the life by helping you pick what home gadget to buy, explaining to you how to make the most out of it and resolving problems as they occur.

Who Are We?

We are focusing on reviews and product coverage. We specialize in including all home appliances, having reviewed hundreds of kitchen or home accessories and other gadgets.

Shelter Reviews

Our fundamental goal is to assist you leverage shelter gadgets to make your life easier to achieve your goal, whatever it’s about the kitchen, decore the home, protecting the kids or just having fun.

Find Excellent Products Without Trouble

We spend hours on research to test and review the most valuable and most demanding products to provide recommendations we’re ready to stake our reputation on.

How We Test and Rate Products

To make decisions easier To help our readers, we test and review multiple home use accessories, appliances ranging from highly demanding to lowest demand.

We always keep in mind that either it is the best choice for the user or not. If not, then which one alternative is worse or better. We also analyze the user reviews to provide the data with complete pros and cons.

What Our Ratings Mean

5 stars = Practically perfect
4 stars = Totally worth it
3 stars = Worth considering
2.5 stars = Meh
2 stars = Not worth the money
1 star = Laughably bad

We spent quality time to use each product to determine how it works then we listed them with star rating.

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