How to Install Gutter Guards

How to Install Gutter Guards

The gutter is one chore that needs particular attention daily, especially if there is sufficient tree coverage. Homeownership requires more attention to the maintenance of property and home. Wind and rain blow lose tree rubble and hit it into the gutters that can be problematic for the buildups down the road.

Cleaning the gutter is essential for preventing water damage to the roof or home. Gutter guards are home superheroes that make gutter easy to clean. If the leaves, branches, and other debris clog the drain, there is more chance to grow fungus in the trenches and roof. The gutter guard helps you get rid of cleaning the gutter regularly, especially on rainy days.

How to Install Gutter Guards

However, now the question stands as to how to properly install gutter guards. Let’s look at some practical methods of installing it.

How to Install Gutter Guards in Effective Manners

Gutter guards keep large debris, like twigs, and leave it out of gutters. There are many types of gutter guards available in the market that attach under roof snap and shingles with screws.  Gutter protection systems include gutter guards, gutter covers, gutter screens, gutter fillers, and leaf guards.

Wire mesh gutter screens are installed similarly. However, this guide covers snap-in, simple wire mesh gutter screens.

1- Bring an appropriate ladder; priority should be the step ladder. If there is a two-story building, then an extension ladder is the right choice. Keep focus that the ladder’s legs are set on the stable, level surface.

2- Measure every gutter correctly (width x depth x length) and consider the home’s roof’s angle as above-pitch roofs have a more agile runoff.  The shallow drain can miss in a downpour.

3- If it is heavy snow, keep in mind how gutter guards will be affected by ice and snow buildup.

4- Selecting an appropriate product according to the home can be difficult, so choose it wisely.

5- Before installing it, repair and clean the gutter properly.

6- Now follow the gutter protection manufacturer’s instructions as described.

7-  Regular gutter covers simply snap into a point as follows.

8- Start from the gutter’s end, trim the cover edge to the front of the drain, and then push the backside below the shingles.

9- Keep going in the same manner with the gutter’s length till the other end of the drain arrived. Now cut the guard to the length with a utility knife or snips.

10- Now last but not least, maintain the gutter guard every spring and fall season, also clean and remove if needed.
Wait, Wait, Wait…!!!
Before installing a gutter cover, it is necessary to know which one is the right choice according to the home’s area or weather, etc. So, let’s have a quick look at it.

Choosing the Right Gutter Guard

There are three essential guards’ styles for shielding the gutter: mesh or plastic screens, gutter filters to set inside the gutter. The other one is surface tension units to apply at the top of existing gutters.
A guard’s type must always depend on the level of investment.

Mesh Gutter Screens

Mesh gutter screens are a mid-range budget guard available on the market but slightly pricey than gutter filters. But not as much pricy as the surface tension-style unit is.

Less Expensive Versions

Some plastic-made covers are less expensive versions and can be installed without hiring any professionals. Its cost can be as little as 50 cents afoot. But these products are not perfect for the small debris.

Higher End of Screen Spectrum

There are some well-known brands at the higher end of the security spectrum, just like Gutterglove. Gutterglove comes with a high-tech system containing two parts: super-fine stainless steel mesh that is fixed in the grooves and the other is a perforated aluminium channel.

The mesh keeps the trash out and allows the rainwater to pass through freely. Gutterglove also introduced an “Icebreaker” model to melt the snow and icicles.

Gutter Brush

Gutter Brush is the ideal choice for budget-minded buyers. The brush guard contains a cylinder-shaped design that is easy to fit in the existing gutters. The brush operates as a filter and allows water to flow freely. The worth of the guard is its simplicity. Moreover, It is easy to install and doesn’t require any professionals.

Surface-Tension Gutter Guards

The surface tension covers perfectly fit over the gutter, and it allows debris to flow up the edge of the roof while the water goes into the ditch. Gutter Helmet is one of the popular designs which also falls into this category.

Safety Precautions for Installation

safety should be the priority; it doesn’t matter which gutter cover you will install. Always choose the right safety ladder while installing a gutter cover.

And after that try to choose those cover which doesn’t require hanging up to clean the gutter again and again.

Installing or cleaning the gutter can be done alone, but there should be one other person who can hold things like a bucket, hose, and others for safety protection.

The best way to prevent roof damage is to test the gutter and make sure it’s working correctly. Clean the drain out from all debris and install the gutter screen, then try it with water that is water running through the gutters properly or not?

Why Gutter Guards are Important?

Gutter covers or guards minimize your daily chore by protecting the gutter from trash and debris.

It can be hard to clean it regularly, especially in the rainy and snowy seasons. Hanging up with a ladder on rainy days is too risky so avoid doing that practice.

That’s why installing gutter shields is so important. It keeps the trash out from the gutter and the water can turn through without any blockage. The gutter can be done its job perfectly only if it is clean and clear from all trash.

the fungus, weeds can grow in the roof and gutters if the twigs, branches, and leaves clog it. Ignoring the gutter covers is probably worse for the home.

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